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Stop for a moment and think about some of the biggest purchases any of us will make in our lifetime. For the vast majority of people, the only item that's guaranteed to run well over $100,000 is a home of our own. Next down is probably a four-year college degree at one of the finest universities in the world; that could easily go beyond the six-figure mark, especially if you add in a law or medical degree on top of that. Coming in at number three, depending of which type of model you buy of course, is without a doubt a car.

Sure, you can easily drop 3 or 400 grand on a Ferrari, Bentley, or Maybach, but 99% of us will keep the cost well below that astronomical level, opting for a road-ride that'll probably hover somewhere between 25 and $50,000 total. And no matter which part of town you hail from, that's still a lot of money. Now you may never own a home, or strut through Harvard Square in Cambridge Massachusetts with an Ivy League bachelor's degree tucked proudly under your arm, but I'd be willing to bet that someday you'll own a car if you don't already. Maybe a few of them actually.

And with today's still uncertain economic times upon us, more people than ever before are holding onto their cars much longer. So if you're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car that you could end up driving for nearly a decade or more, don't you think it deserves a bit of tender loving care from you? Absolutely it does! Treat that precious car of yours right . . . and it may just end up taking you further than you ever expected to go in Life.

Giving your car the proper amount of respect and care it deserves means going well above and far beyond the 'expected' duties required for it to run at its optimum level like remembering to change the oil after 90 days, making sure it gets serviced every 5 or 10,000 miles, and pampering it with a refreshing car wash every now and again. But if you want to take your car that 'extra mile,' then finding the right kind of customized accessories to help bring out its innate charm and style is an integral part of the deal.

Committed to providing its loyal customer base with some of the highest quality automotive accessories on the market today, Custom Werks is your one-stop online shopping center for absolutely everything guaranteed to make that car of yours twinkle like the budding start that it is.

Since its humble beginnings back in 2004, the Custom Werks team has expanded its product base beyond its original vision of just selling personalized license plates, to a virtual plethora of items for your car that easily numbers well above 3000 individual products and accessories: auto key chains, car coffee mugs, trailer hitch covers, license plate frames, logo valve caps, and customized pens to name just a few. And with more fine automotive products being added to their steadily growing line all the time, you're sure to find exactly what your car needs to look its best at Custom Werks

Key Chains - In our minds there's no such thing as an ordinary run-of-the-mill car accessory. A car owner who recognizes that quality resides in the details is sure to want to add a dash of panache to the very thing that ignites the fire under the hood: the keys. Without these handy little guys, you wouldn't be driving to the market to buy milk, let alone hitting the open highway for some adventure, so sharpen their look with one of our stylized key chains.

Coffee Mugs - If it's gasoline that drives the car, then it's the morning coffee that drives the driver. To each his own, but in our humble opinion, there's nothing we look forward to more each and every dawn that a pipping hot mug of delicious coffee. To anyone on the go, coffee's way more than just a beverage, it's a right of passage each day. Honor the ancient history behind the drink itself along with the welcomed boost it gives you when you need it most with one of Custom Werks' travel coffee mugs.

Trailer Hitch Covers - Say you lived back in the Old West. You'd have to rely on the brawn of your trusted horse to help you haul things about, right? Well, nowadays with a stalwart automobile at your every beck and call, you've got the power of a horse plus a few hundred extras just waiting for the next big job. Just attach whatever you're lugging onto your backend trailer hitch and away you go! Just don't be afraid to add a bit more 'weight' with a customized hitch cover of your choice.

License Plate Frames - A little bit of vanity never hurt anyone, so if you've got a customized license plate already or you're just looking to spice up whatever numbers the state issued you, then have a look at some of our license plate frames online. All the leading car companies are covered: Audi, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Chevy, and on and on down the highway. Engraved in the United States and fully backed by a manufacturer's warranty against any defects and rust, Custom Werks' line of license plate frames road-friendly and ready to roll!

Proudly serving 50,000 satisfied customers in over 120 countries thus far, the Custom Werks name is on the tip of everyone's tongue when it comes to the finest in customized auto accessories online. Add a touch of class, and raise the bar for your car with our beautiful collection of premium car products that are unrivaled by our competitors and cherished by our customers. And with FREE shipping on any order within the United States of $50 and over, you'll wanna put the brakes on fast and pull in for a visit right now!